Ligatinat shqiptare: pasuri natyrore në fokusin e të rinjve
February 7, 2018

Albanian wetlands: a natural resource in the focus of youth

Within the World Wetlands Day, the Regional Environment Center (REC) Albania, in cooperation with the Regional Administration of Protected Areas of Fier and Lezha, organized several activities with students and young civil society activists. The activities took place in two of the most important country's wetland ecosystems: Divjaka-Karavasta Lagoon and Kune-Vain...

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REC Shqipëri akreditohet për modulet e trajnimit në fushën e edukimit për zhvillimin e qëndrueshëm
January 5, 2018

REC Albania earns accreditation on ESD training for teachers

Providing a multi-dimensional education is not just an alternative that produces a more 'civil' society, but is also an important means of solving many of the problems we face today. Global-level environmental issues make environmental education and education for sustainable development (or ESD) key teaching components in both formal curricula and informal...

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A mund të ndryshojmë sjelljen tonë për të shpëtuar mjedisin?
December 18, 2017

Can we change our behaviour to save the environment?

Climate change is already affecting the world, including Albania. The heavy rainfall in Albania during the previous weekend is just one example of extreme weather events that are becoming more recurrent globally. This kind of intensive rainfall is likely to increase around this season for the upcoming years, while the rest of the year will stay dry, according to Ada Metaliu,...

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Dajti n'Fest: Jehonë Ditës Ndërkombëtare të Maleve
December 12, 2017

Dajti n'Fest: Echoing the International Mountain Day

With the first snow blanket in Dajti National Park we echoed the International Mountain Day! Dajti n'Fest 2017 offered to Tirana citizens this weekend endless entertainment opportunities, while residents of the area had the chance to exhibit and sell their agri-food products. Music, road bike racing, hiking in a new trail, skydiving, ballooning, folk, rock climbing, were...

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REC mban sesionin e suksesshëm të Asamblesë së Përgjithshme në Budapest
December 6, 2017

REC holds eventful GA session in Budapest

On December 1, 2017, the REC held its General Assembly Meeting at the Gerbeaud Haz in Budapest. Notable highlights of the event were: the handing out of GA mandates to several new members, the election of a new GA president, a summary of recent REC activities from the REC Executive Director, summaries of results of cooperation efforts from delegates from Ukraine and Moldova,...

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Tirana, pjesë e rrugëtimit botëror
December 5, 2017

Tirana joins the global broadcast "24 Hours of Reality"

If needed, we can lower temperature dramatically just by switching from Fahrenheit to Celsius, but beyond humor, nowdays climate change is the main topic of internationals talks because change did not turn out to be changable as simple and fast as that. Various countries led by their leaders are lobbying for the fight and actions against this global...

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Ndërtimi i Partneritetit Publik Privat për një Zhvillim të Qëndrueshëm të Turizmit
November 27, 2017

Building Public Private Partnership for a Sustainable Tourism Development

The development of a sustainable tourism can contribute to raising awareness and consciousness of nature values and create public support for the preservation of these natural systems. Under certain conditions, tourism can also be a pioneering poverty reduction mechanism for communities living near touristic areas. The growth of sustainable tourism today does not only reflect...

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