IRAM, a new rule for risk assessment in Albania

April 7, 2017 | By Greisa Gurabardhi

In the framework of IMPEL (European Union Network for the Implementation and Strengthening Environmental Law), have been developed various tools for inspection purposes.

In accordance with recommendations that provide minimum criteria for environmental inspections (RMCEI) Directive for Industrial Emissions (IED) and the Directive on the control of dangerous major accidents including dangerous substances, (SEVESO), all inspections should be planned in advance.

The competent authority shall develop plans and programs for installations; including frequency of visits in the area. These frequencies should be based on a systematic assessment of risk.

The so called 'easyTools', a project team, led by Germany, gathered information for risk assessment, which is used across Europe. Based on this was developed and tested a new rule based on the methodology called Integrated Risk Assessment Method (IRAM).
Regardless of the methodology, the project has also developed a new tool based on the Internet (IRAM tool), which can be accessed from the website IMPEL (

To distribute this useful methodology in different European countries are holding regional training sessions. In Romania, IRAM began in 2010, where through questionnaires distributed to 25 different countries (Greece, Germany, Turkey, Romania, France, etc.) were gathered data to improve the system. The responses from the questionnaires have led to important information and have developed three main methods of risk assessment as well as disadvantages and advantages of the system.

Within the THEMIS project ( which is implemented in cooperation with State Inspectorate of Environment and Forests of Albania (ISHMP) under the direction of the Ministry of Environment, from April 6 to 7, 2017 was held in Tirana, methodical and practical training on ways of using tools for integrated methods of risk assessment in order to increase the effectiveness of inspection bodies and strengthen the enforcement of environmental regulations.

Led by Mr. Mihallaq Qirjo, Director of the Regional Environmental Center (REC) Albania and Mr. Horst Buether, Expert of IMPEL (European Union Network for the Implementation and Strengthening Environmental Law), during these two days was treated the legislative background and organization for the implementation of environmental law, the role of inspector and coordinator on IRAM tool, the development forms of risk assessment in Albania through IRAM application on the Web for industrial inspections, safety inspections and other tasks of inspection and the compliance with European legislation. There were also held exercises to test the system.

Soon, using the Method of Risk Assessment (IRAM) will be mandatory, that’s why updating data now has another priority.