Tirana joins the global broadcast "24 Hours of Reality"

December 5, 2017 | By Loreta Hysa

If needed, we can lower temperature dramatically just by switching from Fahrenheit to Celsius, but beyond humor, nowdays climate change is the main topic of internationals talks because change did not turn out to be changable as simple and fast as that. Various countries led by their leaders are lobbying for the fight and actions against this global problematics. December 5 is a global action day on the climate change issue, which is organized every year by the former American Vice President Al-Gore.

The Albanian Regional Environmental Center (REC) has already created a 6-year tradition of engagement in the activity ”24 Hours Reality”, this year under the motto “Be the Voice of Reality, When the Planet is in danger You should speak”. To millions of people from all over the world in live broacasts, were joined this year around 100 youngsters invitated by REC Albania, where citizens, scientists, entrepreneurs and local councils shared their experiences of environmental challenges.

In his speech Mr. Mihallaq Qirjo, the Director of REC Albania emphasized the importance of REC's actions and REC supporters of environmental initiatives in training and motivating young people as a motor of change. Among facts and problems, he also brought in his speech solutions that anyone can reflect in his daily life.

On the other hand, the environmental education expert Mrs. Daniela Ruci tested the knowledge of the participants through a quiz on the most environmentally sensitive issues, that proved they were well-informed and have an active role in their communities.

During the discussions, Mrs. Ina Kasimati, teacher in the A.Z. Cajupi gymnasium in Tirana took the floor and emphasized the importance of the inclusion of the climate change modules and the approach to have the right to choose them as a subject of choice in the country’s gymnasiums.

The reality of climate change has never been clearer, but with clean energy solutions such as wind and solar energy more and more affordable, more resistant batteries, increased efficiency in building, countries pledges for lower gas emissions and other good news for our well-being on the planet, there is still a road forward.

This activity was supported by the program SENiOR II, funded by Swedish government.