Albanian wetlands: a natural resource in the focus of youth

February 7, 2018

Within the World Wetlands Day, the Regional Environment Center (REC) Albania, in cooperation with the Regional Administration of Protected Areas of Fier and Lezha, organized several activities with students and young civil society activists. The activities took place in two of the most important country's wetland ecosystems: Divjaka-Karavasta Lagoon and Kune-Vain Lagoon.

It is very important to undertake such awareness-raising campaigns to attract more attention to these tourist “magnets”. The purpose of these activities is to raise public awareness on the importance and values of these systems, not just as biodiversity ecosystems as they are, but also as an important potential for development of natural tourism.

In order that young generation of students and environmental activists to be familiar with wetland ecosystems of our country, REC Albania organized in frame of this day two visits to Kune-Vain lagoon and to Divjaka-Karavasta lagoon. Young people, along with knowledge on the values and importance of the lagoons, contributed to the cleaning of lagoon territory, together with the AdZM employees, creating a useful synergy with the national campaign "Clean up Albania that we want".

Such awareness-raising activities appeal public attention to these special areas, which often are forgotten by locals. We should try not only to invest in beaches or archaeological sites, as our country's lagoons are a natural resource where we must contribute to add their values. The solution lies not just in developing the right infrastructure to go to the lagoon. Rather than we have to stay away from such solutions, as it harms more the natural environment instead of helping its development. Creation of sidewalks and use of bicycles or small electric buses would create an warm welcoming environment for tourists and would be a peaceful solution to the indigenous "inhabitants" of the area – to birds and animals.