Albania launches a new approach to Integrated Waste Management towards EU objectives

March 29, 2018

Under the auspices of the H.E. Blendi Klosi, Minister of Tourism and Environment, REC team and its partners with the support of German Development Cooperation, presented the new Integrated Waste Management Strategy (2018-2033) for Albania. This document represents a comprehensive approach by reforming the waste management system in Albania in order to both meet EU vision on circular economy and local capacities to cope with this major objective.

The Strategy has been developed under the REC Albania expertise leadership and being widely consulted at national and international fora, with the highest participation of national authorities, agencies and partners enabled by German Development Cooperation.

While its human and financial resources remain very limited, whiting behind the door for the EU negotiations, Albania is pledging in the next 15 years to achieve 60% recovery and 50% recycling of packaging waste, reduce the bio waste by 70%, recovery and recycle non less than 70% of all other types of municipal waste leading towards better land, water and air protection.

While its territory is covered only by 68% with waste collection services for a total generated waste of about 1.2 million tons a year, the proper treatment remains weak, dumping the waste in unregulated dumpsites. While there is a sanitary landfill and a waste-to-energy facility, their operation capacities are used at limited levels.

The Strategy will enable the proper institutional framework to support the hazardous waste management which currently is the weakest and most challenging cluster of the waste management, requiring huge financial resources and solutions.

Implementing the Strategy will take significant efforts from both National and Local authorities and it will me made possible only by the active participation of the Albania citizens and business sector. The high interest of the recycling companies and already installed infrastructure for most of the waste hierarchy streams, the Strategy guides Albania to a very concrete and easy to follow path towards better waste management.

The Strategy is now handed over to the Albanian Government for its final stage towards adoption.