A part of the lagoon comes to Tirana

April 25, 2019 | By Daniela Ruçi, REC Shqipëri

The gifts of nature to our planet are millions of species. Unfortunately, human beings have irretrievably damaged the natural equilibrium and as a result, the world is facing the highest rate of extinction of species since the time of the dinosaurs, more than 60 million years ago. But unlike the fate of the dinosaurs, the rapid disappearance of the species in our world today, has come as a result of human activity. Climate change is already a reality and challenge for anyone who lives on this planet.

Unprecedented global destruction and rapid decline in the population of plants and wildlife are directly related to the causes caused by human activity such as: climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, trafficking and hunting, unstable agriculture, pollution and pesticides . The impacts are enormous, especially for more fragile ecosystems such as wetlands and lagoons which "call” for quicker reactions.

All living species have an invaluable value and each organism plays a special role in the complex network of our life. We need to work together to protect endangered and threatened species: insects, bees, birds, mammals, dolphins, heads, and all others.

The good news is that the rate of extinction can still be slown down and many of our threatened, endangered, threatened species can be safe again if we work together now to establish a movement of common worldwide consumers, voters, teachers, leaders, and scientists to seek immediate action.

April 22 is celebrated all over the world as Earth Day, and on this day what is promoted the most, is the care of our planet. This year's theme urges all people to join the campaign to protect our species.

In this framework, the CLOUD (REJA) as one of the most visited tourist sites in Tirana welcomed the photo exhibition of Kune Vaini Lagoon within Earth’s Day, but also the awareness raising campaign that is being done in a national level within the Project " Building the resilience of Kune-Vaini Lagoon through ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA)".

A question may be rightly asked: Why does REC Albania brings this Lagoon to REJA in Tirana in the framework of Earth Day?

Firstly, the Kune Vaini lagoon is visited not often by the citizens of Tirana and known only by the television screen for the problematic that is shown on the progress of the sea towards it. The arrival of the lagoon through the exhibition of pictures of its spieces or landscapes requires to establish a relationship of the citizens with the nature. But people should learn that the Kune Vaini lagoon is a natural-lagoon ecosystem and one of the most important lagoons of the Albanian Adriatic coast. It is the first protected area in Albania, proclaimed so since 1940, so its values on this day should be announced even more strongly.

This ecosystem is characterized by different habitats integrated into a single ecosystem. The diversity of the habitats and their natural characteristics have created the right conditions for representative species of biodiversity there. Among the wildlife, species of special status considered globally endangered, are karabullaku and lundërza that have found homes in Kune Vaini. Seeing the little poppy picture, people will learn that this lagoon is the only breeding area for her. But the lagoon is occasionally visited by sea turtles and Mediterranean degrees that are of particular importance not only for the living life and biological diversity of our country but for the whole Mediterranean ecosystem. So on Earth Day it is perhaps the most important moment to organize educational activities because raising awareness on the degree of acceleration of the extinction of millions of species and the causes and consequences of this phenomenon requires that we all work together in achieving key policies that protect large groups of species, as well as individual species and their habitats.