Mjedisi Sot 148 – Issue 148

Mjedisi Sot 148

Environment, the silent priority

December 2015 | Print | Periodical

The autumn months bring the temperatures fall and the thrill of the next valuation of the European Commission for the country over the past year. Many ran after the frequency of use of terms such as "corruption" and "decriminalization" who as expected was mentioned this year. The environment continues to be treated as modest and not competitive issue and priority.
Overall, the report looks more positive for Albania, while the recommendations for the environment are given directly. After all, if you do not pay attention to the report year, the difference perceived by people for environmental progress, remains small. Assess the measures for hospital waste, but we have walked a few through Albania cleared of waste. We added the days without cars in cities, but the air remains in charge of industrial and transport emissions. We have banned hunting of wild animals, but not logging in forests. Institutional changes in water management or protected areas are as small seedlings that have not yet bloomed blossoms and fruits.
Are we impatient or have we realized that some environmental problems have affected irreversibly the heritage and our future? In fact we have lost an important part of the wealth of invaluable natural soil, water, plant and animal species and landscapes. Numerous difficulties have been overcome during this period, but the greatest difficulties belong to the future. The greatest difficulty are numerous question marks dilemmas development. Referring environmentally Public Perception in 2015, 60% of respondents say that "more investments go to environmental issues than issues of economic benefit"; while about 58.1% totally agree and strongly agree that "the protection of the environment can boost economic growth in the country". The figures have begun to speak clearly on the evolution of public opinion towards more balanced election. The unbridled pursuit to catch as much as a percentage point to economic growth, but drain our strength and capacity of the country for further pursuit
4 year party programs remain very short, compared to 15-20 year planning long term development of the country. Economic policies of rapid economic development seems not possible and do not materialize in a better standard of living for people. We can even say that they have often resulted in social conflict and environmental degradation by exploitation of resources, land occupation or the migration of communities to other areas. During the October 2015, several environmental groups, supported and managed by the Regional Environmental Center (REC) have articulated the priority issues of the country, some of which may be found summarized in the pages of this edition of Mjedisi Sot. The voice of civil society boldly stated that environmental reform is not a matter of impatience, but a condition of existence and identity! 

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