The journey to Paris in 2015 - the integration of CC policy issues and strategic documents of the country

Rrugëtimi drejt Parisit 2015 - për integrimin e çështjeve të NK në politikat dhe dokumentet strategjike të vendit
November 2015 | Print | Book

Impacts of climate change (CC) pose significant challenges to the government of Albania.
Temperature, rainfall, sea level rise and extreme events are changes that will affect all aspects of the economy, daily activities of local communities and biodiversity values which they are known for. Now that we are facing and feeling the impact of CC we are concerned and will face more and more challenge in the future decades. Consequently, considering their implications, CC integration issues in the legal framework and development of mitigation plans / their adaptation is a major point and should be implemented through an integrated approach, coordinated and interconnected.

Albania has initiated steps in this direction by identifying strategies that initiate integration policies consideration to climate change in national development planning. Policy strategies are based on consultations with central and local institutions, environmental civil society associations, best global practices, the results of projects implemented by the Albanian government for the integration of the CC issues and the implementation of mitigation and / or adaptation and the important results of the project. “The journey to Paris in 2015 about integration issues climate change policy and strategic documents of the country", an initiative implemented successfully in Albania with the support of the Regional Environmental Center (REC ) and with the support of SENiOR- A Support Program Environmental Organizations of Civil Society in Albania.

Integration and implementation of these strategies is critical to promote the necessary environment to face with the challenges of climate changes, including as many actors in the process of developing strategies and legal framework of climate changes by supporting the process to ensure mitigation /adaption proactive risk from climate changes in Albania. As an immediate priority, these political strategy should be taken into consideration during the drafting of the National Strategy on Climate Change, including Crossectorial Environmental Strategy. Among these immediate priorities, it is recommended that we take a common policy, better coordinated and closely monitored integrating our efforts for helping to address the critical challenges that CC pose to Albania.