Forests dhe Transition: Assessing the state of forests (1990-2014)

Pyjet dhe tranzicioni: Vlerësimi i gjendjes së pyjeve (1990-2014)
November 2015 | Print | Book

REC-Regional Center Albania in the framework of the program "Support to Civil Society Environmental organizations in Albania 2012-2015, Senior-A" funded by the Swedish Government, presented the report "Assessment of the Forests for the period 1990-2014".
The findings presented in this report refer to a research work of a group of experts from various fields related to forests and coming from civil society and academia. The report is accompanied by multiple data about different aspects of the forest in Albania.

After about 25 years of transition, is time to take a look at the road that traversed forest sector during this period.
In the course of immediate and radical changes are faced even the woods. No one could not imagine their future in the new system.
Now, all we are faced with a fact, not at all desired. Woods, these national assets, with multiple values, irreplaceable and multifaceted are in a really dramatic state.

Everything that has happened over the years is the result of a myriad of problems of different nature.
Lack of will, brought to the fore the political short-term interests, which have dominated the long-term interests, the whole society.
Government programs, the solve for some of the numerous economic difficulties, especially residents of rural areas ,supported forests. This option currently "successful" is an expression of "development vision" implemented continuously during this transition troublesome.

Numerous difficulties have been overcome during this period, but the greatest difficulties belong to the future, because there are many questions. The main ones are: (i) how much could be recovered what we lost? (Ii) when it can regenerate and (iii) what would be the costs to be paid? - Because inevitably we will be punished according to the principle "who damages, pays".
After all, the current state of the forest represents the emancipation of our society.

The study on the state of forests in our country, for the period 1990-2014, is an attempt to highlight the objective, causes or reasons that have brought this unwanted situation.