National Report on the public perception for the environment 2015

Raporti Kombëtar mbi perceptimin e mjedisit nga publiku 2015
October 2015 | Print | Book

This study was supported by the Regional Environmental Center (REC), Albania within the program for "Support to Environmental Civil Society in Albania", funded by the Swedish Government.
The purpose of this study is to assess public perception of the environment, for the first time in Albania, using the most advanced and European consolidated criteria and standards.

The study report "Public Perception of the Environment in Albania 2015" is based on the realization of a national survey which will be a starting point for measuring the impact of developments in environmental protection by various actors of the state and behavior of the general public with the environment . The study evaluates the perception of these developments and behavior in everyday life and in the economy of the country, the priorities regarding the environment, the level of knowledge and information about environmental issues, interventions and concrete initiatives that the public perceives as necessary to increase the level of environmental protection and effective communication with the public about the environment from key stakeholders including environmental organizations.

The study and its findings will set the cornerstone for taking this initiative on a regular basis and enable changes in perception in the coming years. The results will help all stakeholders to assess and confront the efforts and achievements, to find gaps and build approach to development policy.  

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