Një vështrim mbi rezultatet e projektit ACHIEVE
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Civil Society has a relatively young history in Albania with the first organizations established not more than 25 years ago. There has been a continuous progress toward the consolidation of the sector with an increase in the number of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and their spectrum of activities. However, the Albanian civil society is coping with some difficulties regarding the increase of its impact on governance, its outreach to citizens, and ensuring a sustainable impact of its activities. Lack of active actors of Civil Society in rural and remote areas deprives the community in these areas of benefits of participatory and citizen-oriented governance as well as of advantages of the integration process. Albanian Environmental CSOs are rarely involved in new legislative initiatives, or the EU approximation process. Albanian ECSOs are rarely involved in new legislative initiatives, or the EU approximation process.

To strengthen the civil society sector in Albania, the project aimed to:
1. build the professional capacities of ECSOs to represent civil society in environmental issues;
2. enable small ECSOs to participate in the EU funding process; and
3. promote the involvement of ECSOs in public decision making.

By targeting some of the most important topics in the EU environmental acquis (air, nature, waste and horizontal legislation) via training activities and field activities implemented by ECSOs through a sub-granting scheme, the project supported Albania's status as an EU candidate country since June 2015 by enabling ECSOs to deal professionally with environmental issues and act as reliable partners to the state negotiators.

All project activities, including capacity building, sub-granting, collaboration with state actors and the promotion of EU values, were aimed at improving the rule of law and tackling environmental pollution and damage.

Since its establishment on 1993, REC Albania focused the activities and support to the newly established Civil Society, targeting Environmental Civil Society Organizations. This support has been continuous and uninterrupted, evolving to a center of competence and resource for CSOs all over the country and regionally. The REC Albania supports the Albanian CSOs through the following issues (i) Assessments and Studies; (ii) CSOs Training and Coaching; (iii) Granting Mechanism for (Environmental) CSOs; and (iv) Networking and dialogue building.

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