“Laguna e Kune Vainit, një laborator në natyrë për studimin e larmisë biologjike”
April 25, 2019

"Kune Vaini Lagoon, an Outdoor Laboratory for Biological Diversity Study"

Wetlands are areas with a high biological diversity which offer the best essentials, such as the maintenance of the atmosphere composition and the main habitat for migratory species. The coastal lagoons support a rich and special biodiversity where we can find different groups of organisms. They act as grounds for the reproduction of marine fish and marine invertebrates and...

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Një copëz lagunë vjen në Tiranë
April 25, 2019

A part of the lagoon comes to Tirana

The gifts of nature to our planet are millions of species. Unfortunately, human beings have irretrievably damaged the natural equilibrium and as a result, the world is facing the highest rate of extinction of species since the time of the dinosaurs, more than 60 million years ago. But unlike the fate of the dinosaurs, the rapid disappearance of the species in our world today,...

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24 Hours of Reality - Të mbrojmë planetin, Të mbrojmë veten!
December 5, 2018

24 Hours of Reality - Protect our Planet, Protect Ourselves!

Climate change is affecting the world, including Albania. "24 Hours of Reality" is an important activity focusing on climate change. "24 HOURS of REALITY" seeks to inform everyone on the planet about the challenges they face or will have to face as a result of climate changes. A global activity that for the eighth consecutive year in an interesting way...

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Paketa e Gjelbër Junior fillon rrugëtimin drejt shkollave fillore në mbarë vendin
November 22, 2018

Junior Green Pack starts its journey towards elementary schools across the country

Environmental Education and Sustainable Development are lifelong processes: starting from early childhood, educating older generations, and going beyond formal education. Values such as lifestyles and attitudes are gained in childhood, so the role of education takes on a particular importance, especially for children. It should go through the curricula at all levels, including...

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Programi PRO NEWS i bashkohet festimeve për Ditën e Evropës
May 11, 2018

PRO NEWS programme part of Europe Day celebrations

On Europe Day (9 May), the EU Delegation and Member States organized a series of festive activities, among which the EU Village, located in the center of Tirana, on the "Skanderbeg" Square. All EU-funded projects in Albania participated in this activity. Distributed in different tents of the “village”, the projects presented the work done in accordance...

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