Dibra’s waste management – a constructive dialogue model

November 13, 2017 | By Bashkia Dibër

During the dialogue forum "Promoting the Waste Management Model"

November 11, 2017 during the visit of the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mr. Blendi Klosi in Dibër was organized a dialogue forum titled "Promoting the Waste Management Model".

This activity was attended by numerous citizens, administrators, village elders, representatives of civil society and representatives of the administration.

Municipality representatives explained the achievements and challenges associated with the implementation of the project "Strengthening the waste management system in the Municipality of Dibra" and "Rehabilitation of the urban waste area of ​​the Municipality of Dibra", funded by DLDP decentralization and local development program and the technical support of the Regional Environmental Center (REC) Albania.

For the implementation of this project, was drafted and approved the strategic document "Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan" for the whole new Municipality. Also, were made investments in the local waste collection and transport infrastructure (195 new containers and one technological machine). Now the urban waste area of ​​the city is rehabilitated.

In his speech, Minister Klosi expressed the need and the necessity for cleaning not only Dibra but all the country. Citizens should be aware of the keeping clean not only their private premises but public spaces as well through their engagement in this process.

Participants shared their thoughts about this important issue. During the meeting was requested the support of the Ministry to assist the Municipality in providing long-term solutions to studies and investments in the field of waste management.