Monitoring of environmental information package – Issue 2015

Monitorimi i lajmeve mjedisore të paketës informative “Mjedisi Sot
January 2016 | Online | Periodical

The Regional Environmental Center (REC) Albania considers the exchange of information an important tool for public involvement in environmental issues and his protection.
Environmental Information Program, implemented by REC since the beginning of its work in Albania, has intended and still intends to provide environmental information to stakeholders interested in free exchange of information. To this purpose serves the information sharing mechanism on environment, called "Environment Today".
Through this effective system, which provides information in electronic and printed format using various channels of communication with the public, REC Albania provided all these years an extensive communication tool, regarding environmental issues in Albania.
From May 2000, when it was published the first edition of the daily package of "Environment Today", REC Albania is trying to bring near readers the latest information on developments in Albanian environment, selected from daily newspapers, different agencies, media sources at central government institutions and local NGOs etc. Continuing this work day after day, year after year, environmental information service has become an effective tool of communication and dissemination of information, not only for environmental specialists and stakeholders in the field, but also for journalists, students and the general public.
The object of this monitoring are printed newspapers, independent and with national coverage. Another object of monitoring are direct sources of information in the package "Environment Today", such as environmental specialists, environmental NGOs, electronic media, etc. Information is collected on daily basis documented according to a predetermined module.
In this study are included all published news daily information package Environment Today, for the period January to December 2015 in total for this year are 941 published articles.
It is important to stress that this information has no other purpose except to give a general trend of information sources cited above. 

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