Environmental alternatives for small HPPs

Alternativa mjedisore e HEC-eve të vegjël
October 2015 | Print | Book

Environmental alternative for small HPPs in Albania is an alternative study enabled by the environmental civil society in Albania, which explores the process of rapid development of the sector of hydropower in the country against the impact observed in the environment and the expected impact. This study involves all the work performed by a team of experts during the period February-July 2015 using a comprehensive methodology consisting of: i) research analysis, ii) direct meetings, ii) focus-group discussions, iii) supplement questionnaires, iv) and consultation sessions with civil society organizations.

The study aims to bring in a single document the development of alternative elements of hydro-power sector, which sees not only the need for energy, but real positive and negative impact of this development in social sectors, economic and environmental.

The direct beneficiaries of this study are the Albanian community, civil society organizations, local decision-makers, state institutions, in particular, the private sector and the media. At the same time, this study - the first of its kind – serves to researchers and the academic world in general as a basic document for advanced research in the field of hydropower impact on the environment. 

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