Mjedisi Sot 150 – Issue 150

Mjedidi Sot 150

Naturally, with safe steps

June 2016 | Print | Periodical

It happens to be overwhelmed and lost in nature, times of drowsiness and distraction that drives the jungle from the urban "jungle", from being an exploded asphalted by lack of orientation. In both cases, consider yourself fortunate, because you still experience the feeling that many of the developed communities pay dearly for what they call a return to origin and in themselves. Also, the famous Pareto 80-20 principle is recognized by economists as an indication that 100% of everything can not be achieved, but the healthy balance is not utopian even if the risk of natural disasters linked to natural disasters rises today sooner than the time needed to possess these assets.

Circus animators feel better than anyone who gets tougher, harder trying to balance, theater animators also know that if the puppet has a bad luck to run without consistency and with no well-behaved movements, the broadcasting habits are not very pleasing, until someone interprets it as something abstract, as innovation, as modernism ...

Nowadays, anathematizing nature by focusing only on short-term monetary benefits, as good material is created from nothingness, is an infectious phenomenon.

Only a passionate nature, only one close to him, can understand that spiritual value, relief, pampering, inspiration, emotional attachment, freshness and vitality can not be accounted for with monetary value. Do you think that one who does not want his place of worship right in the midst of the soul of nature, does not require his economy. At this moment, we have been left in the hands of innovation, interweaving of different interests in an effort to evaluate what you have and want to stay close to it. Whole societies and passionate individuals follow today more than ever the fascinating and life-loving path of nature. Meanwhile, while others remain spectators in the "circus" of these puppets, the attraction they make on the biological instinct becomes ever stronger.

Somewhere a tree, somewhere a scrub, somewhere a walk, somewhere an intriguing story, somewhere a revolt, somewhere a clear plan, somewhere a gathering for common interest, somewhere a harmonious venture of entrepreneurship, create the aureole of the natural call, awakening the instinct to do the right thing with great economic, social and environmental benefits.

And meanwhile for any omission or unthinking action nature increases the interest rate we have to pay to guarantee a satisfying living. We are in front of historic decisions, which can and should go bankrupt! It's time for personal action
and community.

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