Environmental Monitoring and Data Information Management in Albania

Monitorimi i të Dhënave dhe Menaxhimi i Informacionit Mjedisor në Shqipëri
April 2018 | Print | Book

A detailed assessment of the needs and resources available in the current institutional arrangement around the environmental issues that focuses mostly on recent institutional developments in the environmental management and information sector (i.e., the creation of the Protected Areas Agency). The assessment of baseline information and information management needs will be closely linked with the conventions underway in Albania: the UNFCCC, the CBD and the UNCCD. Finally, the preparation of the national CCD report for Albania. Thus, needs identified will directly address those particular to the global commitments for information management and reporting. The assessment will be organized through research and analysis, interviews with major beneficiaries and a series of national and local workshops.

The aim of this report is to present the results of a data assessment survey, including identification of high-priority data needs, with particular attention to data relevant to the Rio conventions and the EEA requirements for government agencies. 

  • Assess existing and proposed data flow related to environmental and information management with special attention to the new administrative configuration for environmental and information management and the relevant institutional and legal context.
  • Conduct training needs assessment of government staff across agencies responsible for environmental monitoring, evaluation and reporting (at national, regional, and local levels)
  • Develop curricula for the priority stakeholder groups.
  • Conduct a survey of current institutional users of environmental information, including their characteristics and information needs.
  • Identify the Tirana Aarhus Center portal needs and relevant existing and proposed research that could be beneficial to systems users i.e academic research, civil society data, etc.
  • Identity high-priority data needs, with particular attention to data relevant to multiple environmental conventions.
  • Provide technical support as needed, including training and user materials, for an essential information Centre to be located at the MoE Aarhus Environmental Information Centre in Tirana through the REC Grant Programme.