Standardet e të nxënit - Edukimi për Zhvillim të Qëndrueshëm
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On November 1st, 2018, the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Education adopts the document of the Standards of Learning for Education for Sustainable Development.

They come with the status of a political document that has specific weight in meeting the medium and long-term strategy and long-term objectives in pre-university education in the Republic of Albania. The document "Learning Standards - Education for Sustainable Development" has been prepared under the SENiOR-II program, funded by the Swedish government, implemented by REC Albania, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth and the Institute for Educational Development.

Learning Standards for ESD are a step closer to #Agenda2030 and in meeting the SDG4 Objective - for a Qualitative Education.

The concept of sustainable development is vast and complex, it affects all spheres of society, harmonizing the needs of economic and social development, always keeping in mind the requirements for environmental protection. In this regard, this publication contributes to the recognition of Sustainable Development Objectives, to translate them into practical work elements from individuals, civil society organizations and businesses in the country.

This document is currently considered a part of the education policies and is considered necessary / feasible to be completed in all schooling cycles.

The document is translated at a local and national level as a measurable and valued obligation. This very important document in pre-university education policies is expected to pave the way and significantly influence:

• Initiate analysis and research on and about Education for Sustainable Development in Pre-University Education and all other factors affecting the system. {community, local and national media, family}

• Improving the quality of learning and updating of the behavioral repertoire of students, {individual and group} referring to local contexts about sustainable development. #Agenda2030 #SDGs {change of behavior and internalization of pro-sustainable development behaviors}

• Re-dimensioning of the curricula of pre-university education focused and referring to the global objectives of sustainable development. {listing at least one ECTS curriculum competency}

• Reformulate national training programs for teachers with a focus on sustainable development referring to the interdisciplinary dimension of the ESD concept. National training programs for teachers should include at least one session for the ESD.

• Creating local capacity for trainers in ESD with an impact on the system and outside of the Albanian education system. etc.

• Curriculum Orientation in Focus on ESL Focusing Faculties, referring to the specifics for each cycle of education: primary, secondary, upper secondary.

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